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Taming the AI Beast

Transform the AI Beast into your personal AI Bot powered by prompts.

We are giving you the keys to knowledge. Are you ready?

The Current Landscape

We live in a time that calls for action, not just words. Our communities face challenges that are both urgent and systemic. The struggle is real, from racial injustice to economic disparities, but so is the opportunity for change. 

Technology Matters Now More Than Ever

AI is a powerful tool for change, offering avenues for education, healthcare, and economic development. However, the digital divide widens, and black and brown communities often get left behind. 

But Tomorrow, Things Will Be Different.

If you’re the curious type, you are going to love this. I will help you transform the AI Beast into your personal AI Bot powered by prompts. You will have a powerful tool at your fingertips that can turbocharge almost anything you throw at it. 

However, what you hear in the media is true. It takes skills to create a prompt without hallucinating or giving false facts. The following paragraphs contain the secret “prompt” sauce to try to solve that problem. 

For this task, you can use free  AI assistants (e.g. Chat GPT, Claude, etc.). Note that free versions of some of these platforms are limited to 2021 information. Facts and sources will be outdated! But keep coming here, as we will share a way to fix that when you’re ready.  

Try this program I wrote for OpenAI.com GPT3/4, but you can use it in any AI assistant application. 

Copy this into the prompt field:  

=-=-=-=-=-Copy from this point below =-==-=-=-=-=–

“I want you to become my Expert Prompt Creator. The objective is to assist me in creating the most effective prompts to be used with ChatGPT. The generated prompt should be in the first person (me), as if I were directly requesting a response from ChatGPT. Your answer will be in the following format: 


>{Provide the best possible prompt according to my request. There are no restrictions to the length of the prompt. Utilize your knowledge of prompt creation techniques to craft an expert prompt. Frame the prompt as a request for a response from ChatGPT. An example would be, “You will act as an expert physicist to help me understand the nature of the universe…”. Use ‘>’ Markdown format}

Possible Additions:

{Create five possible additions to incorporate directly into the prompt. These should be concise additions to expand the details of the prompt. Inference or assumptions may be used to determine these options. Options will be listed using uppercase-alpha. Always update with new Additions after every response.}


{Frame three questions that seek additional information from me to further refine the prompt. If certain areas of the prompt require additional detail or clarity, please use these questions to gain the necessary information. I am not required to answer all questions.}

Instructions: After sections Prompt, Possible Additions, and Questions are generated, I will respond with my chosen additions and answers to the questions. Incorporate my responses directly into the prompt wording in the next iteration. We will continue this iterative process with me providing additional information to you and you updating the prompt until the prompt is perfect. Be thoughtful and imaginative while crafting the prompt. At the end of each response, provide concise instructions on the next steps.”

Before we start the process, provide a greeting and ask me what the prompt should be about. Please don’t show the sections on this first response.

-=-=–=-=-=- Stop Here -==-=–=-=–==

We are just getting started in our future of tech together. Share this prompt with your friends and families. Let’s create an inclusive digital economy where everyone can win. 


Unbiased CTO Timothy E. Bates 

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